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Benedict Morelli

Mr. Benedict Morelli is a standout amongst the best and most respected lawyers in the nation, spend significant time in common prosecution. With many years of experience and a notoriety for being a furious trial legal counselor, he reliably secures multi-million dollar comes about for his customers. He has been taking care of prominent cases for a considerable length of time, including speaking to performing artist/entertainer Tracy Morgan in his point of interest settlement with Wal-Mart, and going up against significant enterprises, for example, Fox, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Aaron’s, Inc., Pfizer, Merck, and BP Oil. He speaks to customers in inappropriate behavior and work separation, individual harm, item and medication risk, social equality, and various different sorts of cases. Mr. Morelli has been chosen as a Best Lawyer in America every year since 1997.

His most recent cases are on sexual harassment in the workplace. He represents clients who have had sexual harassment issues especially in regards to their bosses. Sexual discrimination against women in the work place has been there since time immemorial. Although recently sexual discrimination and harassment cases against men are increasing too. In many pending cases with the EEOC, women were asked to perform sexual favors for the men in order to get a promotion or a higher pay.  Some women allege that the harassment went as far as being touch inappropriately. In such cases, I do not believe that a payoff for damages will be appropriate because it will teach other men that they only punishment would be to pay a little sum of money and that is it. The courts should ensure some jail term or register the individual offenders as sexual offenders.

This is the harassment of an individual because of the sex they are either male or female or because of their sexual orientation. Some organizations may favor employing people who are lesbian and gay over the heterosexuals because the higher management has more lesbians and gays or vice versa because the higher managements is not for the idea of same sex sexual relations. In other case majority of women and now increasing number of men are sexually harassed. Such that they are asked to have sex with the interviewer so they can get a better pay or a job opportunity. In some cases the sex of a person determines what kind of job they will do, engineering is left for men and the office work such as filling and typing is left for women.