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Services Offered by Reputable Law Firms in Dorking

Dorking is a small market town in Surrey, at a distance of approximately thirty-four kilometres from London. Despite being a relatively small town with a population of just under 12,000 people, Dorking has developed into one of the major hubs of commerce in the countryside. There are plenty of professional offices, hospitals and law firms here that offer an extensive range of services to interested clients.

A lawyer can be useful to you in a variety of different situations. With so many different law firms in Dorking currently offering a variety of different services, here are just some of the main ones that you should know about.

Family Law

Widely regarded as one of the most complex branches of law, family law plays a vital role in protecting people and making sure that their familial rights are upheld. Family law includes a wide variety of different issues. For instance, family lawyers in Dorking provide assistance to couples who are undergoing a tough divorce. The lawyer will discuss both sides of the case and then handle the separation.

The lawyer will help you sign all the relevant documents and will ensure that all other matters related to the distribution of assets is handled. Family lawyers don’t just handle divorce cases. They also provide legal services related to adoption, child custody cases as well as domestic violence cases. If you are facing any sort of family problems and think that you need legal representation, you should contact a lawyer right away. They will help you file a restraining order against an abusive spouse and also provide legal assistance in other ways.

Employment Law

A number of law firms in Dorking also specialise in offering services related to employment law. Employment law is a very detailed field, and lawyers need to read through the different precedents and judgements that have been passed before compiling their defence. As an employer, you need to understand the rights that are given by law to your employees. Naturally, you cannot infringe on these rights, and must create contracts that are in line with the law.

Similarly, employees need to know their rights, as well. If an employee feels that they have been hard-done by an employer and their rights have been infringed upon, they can contact an employment lawyer. If the employment lawyer feels that a case can be made, they will send a legal notice to your employer about infringing upon the rights of employees and not providing a safe and sound environment for them to work in.

Apart from these services, many lawyers also provide commercial services, such as drawing up contracts and merger agreements, along with commercial property documents. Whether you are facing property disputes, issues relating to wills or probate law or are embroiled in a criminal case, you will need to hire a lawyer to protect your interests. Contact an attorney right away and set an appointment as quickly as possible so that you can discuss your case and decide upon the next step of action.