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Steer Clear of a Hit-and-Run Ruining Your Life

With each and every time you get behind the wheel, you’re a passenger in a vehicle, you are riding your bike, or perhaps even just out for a walk do you worry about accidents?

If you answered yes, it is rather safe to say that you are probably a bit of a worrier.

While auto accidents (and others involving vehicles) happen around the clock on a daily basis nationwide, worrying about them 24/7 etc. is a recipe for disaster.

So, how can you do your best not to fret whenever you ride in your vehicle or another person’s car or truck, hop on a bike, and even just go for a stroll somewhere?

Hit-and-Run Accidents Can Turn Deadly

One of the worst accidents to be in is of the hit-and-run variety.

Not only can there be lots of potential for physical injury (in some cases fatal ones), but there is also the issue of someone striking the vehicle you were riding in, the bicycle you were riding on, and even hitting you while you were crossing a street etc. What happens in only seconds after that is they flee off into the sunset.

While you can’t control what those around you do, your driving habits (and walking ones for that matter) can certainly decrease or increase the chances you will be involved in an accident.

With that in mind, are you going to do your best to steer clear of a hit-and-run ruining your life?

Be at Your Best Behind the Wheel

As was mentioned a moment ago, you oftentimes can’t control what others do behind the wheel, though you can have some impact if you’re the passenger.

That said here are a few tips to keep your chances of being in a hit and run in San Antonio or anywhere else in the country minimal as possible:

  • Be a safe driver – It should be commonsense, yet too many drivers think they’re invincible. Put the safe driving habits you were hopefully taught as a teen to good use over the years. This means respecting the road and the other drivers first and foremost. Sure, you’re going to go over the speed limit at times, but that means doing it by a few miles, not 15 or 25. Also make sure you steer clear of distractions like being on a cell phone, putting makeup on, reading a newspaper or other periodical, and of course never drinking and driving;
  • Be cognizant of other drivers – Even if you are the safest driver out there, the same can’t always be said for countless others behind the wheel. As such, do your best to avoid getting into any roadway confrontations. Remember, not only do you put yourself at risk in engaging in such activity, but you put others at risk too. If someone wants to be a road hero, back away from them and go on your separate way. If need be, get their license plate info if possible should you need to report them to the police;
  • Be a conscious walker – Lastly, if you love to get out and walk or you have to do it to get to work etc. do it as safely as possible. This means not only being aware of your surroundings, but avoiding distractions such as headsets listening to music or having your eyes too focused on your mobile device as you cross an intersection.

Accidents Do Happen

  • When involved in a hit-and-run – For some drivers (and others for that matter), even the best driving skills and crossing of the fingers to avoid accidents doesn’t work. As a result, when involved in a hit-and-run accident, get yourself to a safe area as quickly as possible. If you’ve been involved in such an accident on the freeway, try and get you and the vehicle to a safe side of the road away from high-speed traffic. In the event the accident was at a relatively slow speed, you may actually be able to get a license plate of the driver’s vehicle before they take off. Having an eyewitness and/or cell phone video from a passenger etc. can prove quite valuable also for authorities. Lastly, never assume you are perfectly fine, even in those accidents where speeds are minimal at best. Always be sure to get checked out at the scene and at a medical facility afterwards if need be. Remember, some medical issues (concussions, internal injuries etc.) do not always show themselves right away. As for the vehicle you were in (assuming you were not walking), whether it was your personal car or truck or one used in the workplace, make sure it is thoroughly checked out by an auto shop.

With all the bad that can come out of hit-and-run accidents, do your best to steer clear of them.