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What To Do About Elderly Abuse

A nursing home should be a place of care, peacefulness, and repose. Your elderly loved ones should feel safe and secure in their surroundings and properly looked after by those charged with their well-being. If you have reason to suspect that your parents, grandparents, or other elderly loved one is being abused in a nursing home, then you should be concerned.

Unfortunately, elderly abuse is one of the most underreported crimes in the country. At a time in their life when they should worry least and feel the most cared for too many elderly people live under the most tremendous strain and violence.

Get The Facts And Then File A Lawsuit

Elder abuse goes underreported because the victims of it do not want to subject themselves to the indignity of admitting they are vulnerable. After spending the whole of their adult life working, standing up for themselves, and protecting and raising their own family, they are now in a t a serious disadvantage. In many cases, they may not have the physical and psychological strength they once had and are ashamed to admit their weakness to anyone.

If you suspect abuse, you should ask them directly. You still may not get a straight answer. However, if what they say is enough to make you uncomfortable then you should contact an attorney such as the ones found at Ankin Law Office

An attorney specializing in elderly abuse cases will be able to speak to your elderly loved one in a way that will make the truth known. Once this has happened, you will be able to file suit against the nursing home.

The Legal Road To Compensation

You will need to prove your case. The attorney you work with will know how to gather the right evidence, employ the right expert testimony, and compel the right witnesses to prove your claim. No amount of money can ever make up for what your elderly relatives have had to go through; but sometimes monetary compensation is the form that justice takes.

There are many kinds of elderly abuse. In addition to physical mistreatment, there is also sexual, psychological, and financial wrongdoing. The latter is the most common form of abuse. Elderly people, especially those with dementia or Alzheimer’s, may have trouble with memory and clear explanation. This makes them prey to scammers who will trick them into putting their money into schemes designed to rob them of it. It is not unheard of for members of nursing home staff to gain the trust of an elderly patient, only to coax them out of their bank details and other financial information and running off with their savings.

The nursing home is still responsible for such actions; it is up to them to screen, monitor, and regulate their staff. If your loved one has been abused and taken advantage, the nursing home must be held accountable. Your suit may not go to trial. If the nursing home chooses to settle, then you want an able legal negotiator in the room.