Business Law

Why So many Laws? Why Not Do Research As to why They Were Created in the first place?

Have you ever asked yourself why there are so many laws? Why do we need so many laws? Many of the laws such as wearing a seatbelt or wearing a helmet while you ride your motorcycle are kind of silly and it really is the operator’s responsibility to protect themselves, not the government to tell them what to do. Many would say that they want people to wear helmets, and wear seatbelts because if they are hurt they, as taxpayer’s don’t want to pay their medical bills. Of course, the government shouldn’t be paying medical bills either anyway.

How did things get so screwed up and why do we make laws for the most ignorant amongst us? If we keep doing this, eventually we are going to be so restricted in our daily lives that we will have lost all of our freedom and only an ignorant person would want to live here under these laws. Most of the business laws contrary to popular believe are not to protect the consumer from fraud, they are not to prevent a business person from doing something dishonest, generally these laws are created so one competitor can get a leg up on the rest of the competitors, thanks to his lobbying, or donations to various politicians.

Many of the other laws that are made have to do with taxation, fees, and fines as a way to extort money from the business community to run the government. They create rules and regulations and then say to operate these agencies they need to make more money so they must raise the fines, taxes, or fees. Then they use that money to grow bigger government, which in turn needs more money. When businesses find a way around the rules and regulations, the government works to close up the loopholes.

They go after businesses that have found ways around the laws and make examples of them. Of course, most of these laws shouldn’t be there in the first place, and if you trace back to the original rule, you will find that most likely it was created for the wrong reasons. If you fail to believe what I’m saying, take any rule or regulation on the business community that you can think of and read all the history of why that law was created, who was behind it, and who was behind them. There is a whole lot of corruption going on, so follow the money. Please consider this.