Criminal Law

What Can a Criminal Law Solicitor Do for You?

If you have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense, one of the first things you need to do is make arrangements to speak to a solicitor who specialises in criminal defence. Doing so is very important for your case because anything you say or do from the point of arrest may be used in your trial against you. With professional counsel on your side, you will be better able to prepare yourself for going through the criminal process and for putting together a defence that will address all of the points brought against you. Here is a basic outline of what one of these expert solicitors will do for you.

Know Your Rights

One of the first things a solicitor will do for you is to explain what your rights are. You do need to know that when you’re taken into custody, you have two very important rights. You can insist that someone is notified of the fact that you are in custody and you can demand to speak to a solicitor any time you want. You cannot be denied these rights. Once your solicitor has arrived, he or she will make certain that you are being treated properly, receive information about your case, and discuss that information with you.

Your solicitor will also talk to you privately about the events that occurred. He or she will also advise you on what to say and which questions to answer when you are officially interviewed by the police. This is one of the best times to get criminal law advice in Yorkshire because what you say here could determine your entire case.


If you are charged with something, you may have to post bail in order to leave the police station. In some cases, your request for bail may be denied. If that occurs, your solicitor can begin the appeals process and work with everyone involved to come to an agreement for your release.

Represent You in Court

If your case does go to court, your solicitor will be there by your side. He or she will put together your defence by gathering evidence about your case. You will need to provide all of the information you know about the situation including your actions, the location, what occurred, what others said and did, and who was there as a witness. Your solicitor will interview all of the people involved and may place some or all of them on the defence witness list.

It’s important that you are completely honest with your solicitor. He or she is there to defend you, and it’s hard to do that if you haven’t provided him or her with all of the information required. Your solicitor may also recommend that you plead guilty to the charges. He or she may agree to help you put together a bargain with the authorities for a lesser sentence. However, the final decision is yours. If you still decide to fight the charges, your solicitor will do everything possible to help you win.