Education Law

School Level Education in Bangladesh

Bangladesh education system is divided into three categories. Among these school level education is more important. Check here to get JSC Result 2016. Because a student passes more than ten years of his student life as a college student. Also as a human being class is the first institution where he entered or become introduced after his family. So he/she learn many behaviors or many another social thing from his school life. That’s why school life is counted as the most crucial stage of his life.

In college life, a student faces three major exams. According to this three exam, his/her school life is decided he/she become successful or looser. These three reviews are

  • PSC
  • JSC
  • SSC

All of these are contains the same level of important to measure the success of a student.

JSC (Primary Education Certificate)

Among all another school level public examination JSC is one of them. JSC means Primary Education Certificate. When a student admits in a school, he learns how to cope with the new situation. Attending in a JSC exam is such a thing. Because, after completing primary level education, just five years later, his learning period he/she attended such an important exam. This is not quite so easy. A good result is also a very important factor of this condition. But scoring a good result is not very easy in very early age. So most of the case student become more worried about JSC exam. In particular for his result. As a first examination, a lot of pressure from his friend and also family is on him. Sometimes it is too difficulties to face this pressure. So to make a good result in JSC exam after overcoming this a student need to struggle a lot. If you are a JSC examine, and try to make a good result in your upcoming exam, this site is for you. Here we can find all the tips and the information which is related to JSC exam are published here. And you also know what is the process of previous JSC exam, which are upcoming for next batch JSC exam.