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The Truth about Cheating Husbands

Some women areparanoid about whether or not their husbands are cheating. They can besuspicious of where he is and what he’s doing. Sometimes it’s a case of once bitten, twice shy. Or they’ve seen too many friends and relatives cheated on. Whatever the reason, they have difficulty trusting him.

A Girl in Every Town

Statistically, they have good reason. Men are far more likely to cheat on their partner than women, with estimates that as many as 50% of men have cheated on a partner at least once in their lifetime. Furthermore, they’re far more likely than women to be serial cheats. The old story about the sailor with a girl in every port is closer to the truth than many care to admit. After all, most men would probably do that if they thought they could get away with it.

A Girl’s Best Friend

Some men have more opportunities than others. It’s not just looks that attract; money is a major turn on to a potential mistress. Few would be surprised to learn that the more money he has, the more likely he is to cheat. Quite simply, wealth attracts opportunities.

And did we say girl? Yes, statistically, your husband is more likely to cheat with someone younger than you. You can relax about the little old lady next door; he really has gone round to fix her leaking tap.

The Girl on the Net

Cheating husbands have been around as long as… well, husbands. It’s the method and means that change with the times. In the twenty-first century, online cheating is a thing. The plethora of dating sites provides a ready opportunity for potential cheat seekers, as many genuinely single women looking for love will readily attest. There are also chat rooms, webcams, and seedy online hook-ups available for any chap looking for some action.

A Bit on the Side

It’s often joked that a mistress is something between mister and mattress, but that’s the truth. More often than not, the desire to cheat is driven by a lack of sexual excitement at home. If he’s not getting it as often as he thinks he should, many men will consider that sufficient justification for playing away.

While a regular mistress might be the goal for some husbands, plenty will be content with the occasional one-night stand. And when it comes to one-night stands, men tend to be far less discerning about the women they choose.

A Silver Lining

There is some good news if you’re worried about your husband’s infidelity. He’s much less likely to think about leaving you during an affair than a woman in the same situation. You must be so relieved!

However, if you’re genuinely concerned about whether your husband’s having an affair but you don’t want to accuse him directly, Insight Investigations can help. We’ve got all the tools necessary to discreetly find out what he’s doing and who he’s seeing. Our fully trained private investigators will gather the evidence you need to confront him or put your mind at ease without breaking his trust. Contact us to find out more about our services.