Immigration Reform Legislation Stalled

Recently a $600 million bill was passed by the Senate to increase border security in the united states. This bill shows how important the priority of immigration security is right now to the government. Bills like this often aren’t passed during summer months but this one slipped by during August. Law firms could expect to get a lot of calls in the months to come.

President Obama supports the bill and will be signing it, stating how important it is toward immigration reform and a step to fixing the current broken system. This is by no means an all around solution; the strategy to handle our 10. 8 million plus immigrants is long and complex. There is no quick fix in sight and this topic remains sensitive among political discussions.

Many states enact their own legislation and policies. National immigration reforms are hard to implement so it is often in the state’s hands. Florida is an example of this; they recently decided to follow Arizona’s strict new immigration enforcement policy. This does not mean you can’t become a legal immigrant in these states however with stricter laws it will be harder so you should consider contacting an immigration attorney.

It is interesting to see how this will affect immigrants and their families. Immigrant communities around the U. S, especially Hispanics, are being misled by promises from the Obama administration and lawmakers of both parties to change and improve the immigration process. Some of these false promises declare an easier road to legal status for undocumented residents, but simply aren’t true or can’t be done. Many are mad that Obama made promises to improve immigration reform, but is approving actions such as this. More immigrants may require an immigration service now.

If you know someone or are personally in a situation where your immigration status is under question, it is recommended to contact and immigration law firm immediately. Immigration reform is supposed to fix problems, not shut out immigrants.