Labour Law

7 Lean Marketing Laws For the Inspired Entrepreneur

The following laws will provide guidance on how to act, think and work in a lean way. You can apply these laws to all areas of your life, work and business to get bigger results from the time you invest.

1. Multiple Rewards Aim to be rewarded multiple times for a single effort. Money can be recovered but time cannot. Time gets spent. You can’t put it in a bank and you can’t earn more of it. Wherever possible, you should look for ways to get paid/rewarded multiple times for each hour you invest. You will never be truly independent if your income comes from your own time and labour so package your knowledge as a product. Once you have aproduct you can sell your packaged time again and again.

2. Mistakes Are Gifts Mistakes are nothing more than “Learning Opportunities”. The best way to learn more and grow more is to make more mistakes. Mistakes are unavoidable when you’re learning so adopt a ready, fire, aim approach to decisions and learn as you take action. If it doesn’t work you can easily make another decision to put things right again.

3. Know When To stop Be prepared to stop what you’re doing. Take stock and try something different. Don’t let pride, fear of ridicule or ego get in the way of good judgement. When a mission is over, learn from it and move on.

4. Use Your Levers Do the little things that make the biggest difference. Aim for maximum impact with minimum effort. Focus will help but there are other forms of leverage too. Here are just two.

OPT – Other people’s Time. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You don’t have to do it all yourself. Use your network. Ask and you shall receive. Give and you shall get.

Recycle – Learn to recognise value in everything you do. Turn your ezine into a book and sell it. Write your words of wisdom down and share them.

5. Don’t be Busy – Be effective Don’t waste your hours simply being “busy”. Being busy does not cause you to be wealthy. So don’t be busy – be effective. Remember the 80: 20 rule. Typically 20 per cent of the things you do will be responsible for 80 per cent of the results you get. So focus on the 20 per cent that gets the result.

6. Always Look for The Easy Route If there’s an easy way to do something and a hard way – take the easy way first. I call this “inspired laziness”

7. Measure Progress By what You Reap The only truth is the result. Doing lots of things is not the same as achieving lots of things. Measure progress by your outcomes not your inputs.