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How To Attain Permanent Residence Status

Now is not the time for anyone to be without legal permanent residence. Laws concerning immigration are bound to change. The extent of the change is unknown at the present; but paths to permanent legal residency in the United States are likely to narrow in the coming years.

If you have lived and worked in the country for some years, you have legal options to make your life here more stable and secure.

Changing Your Visa Status

Most visas revolve around your work—that is, your particular skills, qualifications, and certifications. You can also obtain a visa if you have married (both same and opposite sex marriages) or are engaged to an American citizen. Working with an immigration law firm in chicago can help you figure out what your options are so that you can apply for the appropriate visa and protect yourself against the risk of being deported.

The Need To Act Now

Applying for a visa that gives you permanent resident status is not an act of fear. It is a wise and prudent step. If you have been paying attention at all over the past year, you will have realized that the country is going through a period of great change. The issue of immigration is not one that can be ignored or downplayed. No legislation altering or reducing the visas available to foreign nationals has passed Congress yet. But you do not want to wait and find yourself in a difficult situation when it does.

The Role Of A Lawyer

The sheer number of visas and the complexity of the application process is enough to cause confusion and great uncertainty. It can also be intimidating. The very act of applying for a visa can make you feel as though you will be found out for doing something wrong. The truth is you haven’t. You have lived and worked and paid taxes in this country for years—just like everyone else. You deserve to be treated with fairness and dignity. Making yourself a permanent resident is the best way of doing so.

Your lawyer’s job is to act as a trusted guide. One of the best things about lawyers who specialize in immigration law is that they possess insight into how the immigration bureaucrats think and speak. They will be able to make their sometimes over-technical and obscure language plainer to you. They will also help you avoid mistakes on the application itself or when you are called in for an interview.

Getting A Just Outcome

It is not your desire to receive special treatment. Neither do you want to be mistreated or unjustly denied due process. Hiring a lawyer is the only means of ensuring that your visa application is reviewed and assessed according to the law, and that you are given a proper chance to get permanent resident status. You should not be afraid to enter onto the path that leads to permanent residency. Now is the time to act and get the matter sorted out.