About Stryker Hip Injury

Before 2012 the LIFT Anatomic femoral heads which is also known as an artificial hip module device, was manufactured by the Stryker Corporation. As we are completely knowledgeable that the Stryker’s artificial device resulted in a big failure more than expected by the company and hence, this prevailed in the great injuries in the people which compelled the people to have the rejuvenation surgery. As we know that the device got damaged and in return it caused severe injuries like bleeding, immense pain, cobalt pain, chromium toxicity and many other such issues. The Stryker Hip Injury Lawyer has argued many times on such topic and hence, have recommended people for the re surgery of the damaged organ.

Arguments among the Stryker Hip Injury Lawyers

Various arguments prevailed among the lawyers about the failure of the Stryker’s artificial device which resulted in severe damage. The Stryker Hip Injury Lawyer has mentioned many of the statements, some of which are as follows:

  • It was said that the hip replacement when designed was a careless work of Stryker and hence, this resulted to its failure.
  • Another major cause for the failure of the device addressed by the lawyers was that the company did not tested the device properly and also the toxicity issues coming back in the report was not reported by the company to the doctors and the patients.
  • It has been said that the problem of failure was since the artificial hip replacement device was manufactured. Hence, it was the fault of Stryker that they manufactured the products in spite of knowing about the issues.

These small arguments were just from the analysis of the artificial hip replacement devices which has caused great trouble to the people who opted for it. The toxicity issues prevailed highly among the people. Some suffered from severe injuries and some had faced the permanent damage and hence, the Stryker Hip Injury Lawyer recommended the people for the rejuvenating surgery so that the injury can be healed from such damages. Many of the people even after the surgery faced the permanent damage of the hips and some of them died out of the cobalt poisoning.

Stryker Orthopedic Compensated Large Number of Patients

As we know well that the Stryker artificial hip replacement device resulted in the huge failure as expected, it resulted in severe injuries to the people. People had a great anger for the Stryker and his device and hence, they filed a lawsuit against the Stryker. Stryker saw that the large amounts of people were facing the severe injuries and damages, so he decided to compensate each and every patient. He compensated the amount from $100,000 to $1,000,000 to various patients for their re surgery. The Stryker also paid more and large amount of dollars to the patients who even after the re surgery faced a permanent damage. A small negligence of Stryker at the time of manufacturing of the artificial hip replacement device resulted in huge disaster.