Correct Procedure and Time to File a Claim for Workers’ Compensation

Most of the people are covered with medical insurance at work by the companies. However, it is quite common that they don’t know how to avail it whenever they meet with an accident on the job. Medical insurance comes with different types of clauses. Hence, you must be aware of the process and have certain knowledge about the type of your insurance.

Due to this lack of information, you can experience some loss as your insurer may reject the benefit of the compensation, if there has been any delay in filling the injury claim. In order to start your injury claims process, you can look for the below mentioned points, which can help you to understand about the claim methods in a better way:

  • Notify about your injury:

At the time of injury, always inform your co-workers so that they can witness the whole incident and can tell complete scenario to the insurer. Also, notify your employer in a proper written document within 30 days of time. Then file a request with the Board on Form Employee Claim (C-3) and mail it to the respective district department. This could be done within 2 years of the event.

  • Medical reports:

Within 48 hours of injury send an introductory medical report made by the doctor to the respective district office. Also, send the copy of the report to your employer and its insurance company.

  • Afterwards within 10 days, your employer will inform about the accident to the board members and the insurance company.
  • Later you will be given a written statement from your insurer about all your rights under the rule. This has to be settled within a frame of 14 days of the incident.
  • Within 18 days you get the benefit of payment from the insurer in case the lost time surpasses seven days. If in case of any dispute, it is the duty of the insurer to notify the workers’ compensation board whether the payment has been initiated or not.


After knowing the process you can easily apply for the claim without any error.