Don’t Be Intimidated in Pursuing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

You more than likely did not set out that day or night planning to be involved in a serious personal injury accident.

That said now you are left with a battle on several fronts.

First, you are dealing with obvious physical and emotional pain, both of which have the potential to get the better of you.

Secondly, there is the notion that someone caused you to be in this predicament in the first place, leaving you both angry and frustrated.

Finally, you can’t help but think about trying to find the right personal injury attorney for your case, a case that you hope to win and bring you some relief.

With that being the case, the greatest fear you could very well end up facing is the possibility of being intimidated in filing a personal injury lawsuit in the first place.

Knowing Your Rights Moving Forward

Immediately after you’ve suffered a serious personal injury, all kinds of thoughts are likely to go through your head.

There is the initial thought of your physical well-being moving forward, something that should always be the top priority.

You could very well be looking at significant rehab, rehab that can impact the ability to have what most people would call a normal life.

Among the issues to look at:

  • Will you be out of work (see more below) for a prolonged period of time?
  • Will you be in constant pain, pain that makes it hard to do everyday tasks?
  • Will you miss out on fun times with family and friends due to your injuries?
  • Will you have trouble paying your bills if you are unable to earn a steady income?

With that in mind, you obviously have much to think about when it comes to hiring a personal injury attorney around Durham, NC or elsewhere in the country (depending of course on where you live).

Most importantly, don’t let the other party or parties involved in your accident persuade you to not seek legal help.

As an example, you might be contacted by an insurance rep or other party with an offer to settle out of court.

Sure, the money coming sooner than later may be enticing, but you could very well be making the biggest mistake of your life. This is why it is so important to seek legal counsel before ever even considering taking a financial offer from the other side or sides.

In many cases, other parties may be trying to essentially pay you off now, knowing there’s a good chance their client could be found guilty down the road.

As drawn out as the procedure can be, take all the time necessary in working with your personally injury attorney to make sure your rights are not voided.


Putting Together the Ideal Legal Case

As you and your personal injury attorney work together, make sure you provide him or her with all of the pertinent details involving your case.

Those important details include:

  • Accident report – No matter how you were seriously injured, make sure your legal counsel has any and all details. Even leaving out one item could make or break your case.
  • Eyewitnesses or video evidence – Did one or more individuals see you getting injured? If so, are they willing to speak on your behalf in either recorded testimony or even at a potential trial? If there is cell phone video evidence of the accident, can you get your hands on that?
  • The other parties – Lastly, did the individual or individuals responsible for your serious personal injuries admit any guilt? If so, this is a huge piece of the pie that can’t be left out.

By consulting with a personal injury attorney today, your future could swing for the better tomorrow.