Everything You Need to Know About Traumatic Brain Injuries from Auto Accidents

Traumatic brain injury happens when a force from an external source causes brain dysfunction. A mild traumatic brain injury can result in temporary dysfunction of cells within the brain. A serious injury can result in torn tissues, bruising, and also bleeding. It can also cause death.

Traumatic brain injury can permanently change the life of an individual. Statistics reveal that in every 16 seconds in America, an individual suffers a traumatic brain injury. About 1.5 to 2 million, injuries of this type are reported each year. This injury is a common cause of disability and death among young adults and children.

Important Facts

It is important to note that TBIs occur more frequently than do HIV/AIDS infections, spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis cases, and breast cancer cases combined.  Although any person can suffer from these injuries, they are more common in males, people of ages between 15 and 24 years, and the elderly.

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TBI from Vehicle Accidents

According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), auto accidents are actually the 2nd leading cause of TBI. This is simply because the brain of a human being tends to be susceptible to damage caused by forces produced by a typical crash. TBI lawyers tend to see brain injuries when the head strikes an object such as a dashboard or windshield during a crash.

It is important to know that the brain can also suffer injury even without the head coming into contact or string a hard surface. The impact from a collision might make the brain to undergo an unexpected forward and backward motion, commonly known as whiplash or soft tissue neck injury. Whiplash is a kind of neck injury capable of causing brain damage.

According to NIH (National Institute of Health), about 2 million citizens of America suffer traumatic brain injury mainly from car accidents every year. Statistics from NIH also show that about 300,000 individuals with TBI are admitted to various hospitals within the country every year. TBI affects individuals of all ages and colors and is the main cause of long-term disability among young adults and children.

Symptoms of TBI can occur even after several days and weeks. Individuals with this type of injury may experience the following.

  1. Seizures or convulsions
  2. Dilated eye pupils
  3. Inability to awaken from sleep
  4. Numbness or weakness in the legs and arms
  5. Nausea
  6. Slurred speech

In most cases, health care professionals use imaging tests and neurological exam to assess TBI. Severe traumatic brain injuries require emergency treatment. Treatment procedures and the outcome are usually dependent on how severe an injury is. TBI can affect sensation, language, emotions, or thinking. Individuals with severe traumatic brain injury require rehabilitation.

Final thoughts

Statistics show that a significant number of traumatic brain injury cases are reported every year in the United States. Something needs to be done to ensure the number of such cases is reduced. If an individual suffers TBI owing to of recklessness of another individual, s/he should seek assistance from experienced attorneys.