sacramento workers comp lawyer

In CA, the state legislature passed workers’ compensation law over 100 years ago, which guarantees prompt, automatic advantages to employees injured on the work. Before workers’ compensation, injured employees had to appeal their employers to recover medical costs and lost wages. Juries and judges had to choose who was guilty and how much, if anything, would be paid. Too often, the injured worker got nothing. It had been pricey, time consuming and unfair. The Lawsuits took months and sometimes years.

Any injury or sickness caused by your job is covered – everything from first-aid sort injuries to serious accidents. Job-related sicknesses are lined to some extent. For example, common colds and flu don’t seem to be covered, but if you catch TB while functioning at a TB hospital, that’s lined. sacramento workers comp lawyer may even cover psychiatric injuries which will arise if you are the victim of a criminal offense at your workplace.

Temporary incapacity advantages are calculated primarily based upon the average weekly wage – the wages of the worker over a period of time are destroyed up and then averaged. Once that average has been calculated, the employee is usually entitled to two thirds of that average weekly wage (up to a statutory ceiling of 1609.09 /1066.72 in 2013 and the minimum rate is 239.63/160.00 per week).

The second style of benefits received under workers compensation is medical coverage. If an employee is injured on the task, he or she is entitled to reasonable and necessary hospital and medical treatment related to that injury to hopefully get him or her back on her or her feet and able to resume his or her employment. Medical benefits are severely regulated but and that results in many denials of care. If the employee isn’t ready to resume her or her former employment, then he or she could also be entitled to rehabilitation services which will either enable him or her to come back to some other kind of employment or be trained in a new line of work.