Tips to Avoid Common Copyright and Trademark Issues in Social Media

A Trademark is a symbol which represents an organization. The Trademarks of the organizations have to be registered to be called as trademarks.

Whereas the Copyright means the legal creator of things such as songs, music, films etc. Generally, the time frame of the copyright is fixed for some years.

The intellectual properties like trademarks and copyrights have to be secured from various people. These days it is difficult to avoid the issues raised regarding intellectual properties. These issues are mainly created because of the high usage of internet and social media.  You cannot easily find out where and when your organization’s intellectual property is being used or is being misused. These days, the intellectual property and social media have become the most important channels of marketing for many organizations. So, there arise many issues related to the same.

Trademark and Copyright Issues

There are many issues which might arise regarding the trademarks and copyright issues in the social media –

For Copyrights:

  • If you want to use some content over the social media, the copyright laws would not allow you to do so. Thus, protecting the original creator’s intellectual property.
  • Many users knowingly or unknowingly post links on social media, they play the copyrighted music in their own videos and post over the social media, which might be used in the positive or negative way. This might create problems for the original creator.
  • The best way to use any other person’s creation is to get a license to use it. However, internet connectivity is spread throughout the world, so it becomes difficult to track where your content is being used illegally.
  • If your original creation is being used by any random person in a negative way or for harmful purposes, it is you whose image will be at stake.
  • To avoid the misuse of the original creation of your organization, you should train your employees regarding the security and protection of the intellectual property of the organization.

For Trademark:

  • First and foremost, it is important to have your trademark registered. If it is not, the concept or idea of your organization is of no use.
  • If the trade mark registered by you is being misused by any other company or other person, it might create confusion in the minds of the customers.
  • Many businesses opt for similar type of trademarks of the well-known companies to intentionally create confusion in the minds of people.
  • Other than the above points, you should be careful while using any other organization’s trademarks. Getting a prior approval from the concerned organization is the best way to go for it.

Trademarks and copyright are the ways used by people to protect their intellectual property. However, if the issues regarding the intellectual properties are not taken care of, it might create problems for your organization, which in turn would directly or indirectly benefit the competitor. Therefore, protect your intellectual property such that it benefits you in the long run.