To rent or not to rent a suit online

Men want to look stylish and presentable every time they attend occasions, be it formal or informal. Formal suits are worn when attending business meetings, interviews, and other official gatherings. For other occasions such as prom, weddings or special events, men are usually inclined towards a tuxedo suit.

Buying a suit can be expensive especially for the young men who are just starting out and have been called for an important interview or meeting but are unable to afford a decent suit. The option of buying a suit when you are just going to wear it once does not make sense to most men. Luckily, there are numerous companies online that offer stylish rental suits.

Most of these companies give you an option of buying or renting a suit. Buying or renting a suit is a personal choice that is mostly dependent on your financial status and how often you intend on wearing the suit.

Here a few factors to consider when making the decision of whether or not to rent a suit online.

1. Budget

Depending on your budget, you can figure out whether to rent or buy a suit. However, renting a suit is very economical hands down. It is less expensive to rent that to buy.

2. Personal style and preference

You should be able to look at what makes you happy. If you are okay with wearing a suit that has been one before by other men, then renting one wouldn’t be such a bad idea. However, if that thought grosses you out, you should reconsider buying a new custom tailored suit. Also, if your personal style matters to you, buying a suit will be the best option since you can choose your design, material, color and have it cut to fit your form perfectly.

3. Future

Renting is highly recommended if you are attending specific occasions such as prom or a wedding. If you have no intention of wearing that suit again, the best option would be to rent one. However, if you have plans of wearing the suit again, for a formal work event, or a black tie occasion, buying a suit makes more economic sense.

See outlined below the pros and cons of renting a suit online. These points will help you in deciding whether to buy or rent a suit.

Pros of renting a suit online


A rental suit usually cost about 10-30 percent of the price of a new suit. This option makes more sense for grooms who only intend on wearing that suit on their wedding day. Why spend all that money for a suit that you will wear only once when you can rent it at a better bargain.


You get a broad range of traditional and the latest styles to choose. Most online shops have stocked up suits from different designers, which are in various designs, material and color. Renting a suit online will give you an opportunity to try different designs in the market.

Cons of renting a suit online


Since renting is a long process and may at times involve shipping, you might not be able to get the suit in time when spontaneous meetings or events crop up.

Wrong measurements

Most rental suits are not made to measure. Hence, it may be hard to get a suit that fits your form perfectly.

Pros of buying a suit

It is an investment

You will get more value from buying a suit if you intend on wearing it more than twice. Renting a suit every other time you need to wear one is not only time-consuming but also expensive.

You get a perfect fit

Your suit will be tailored and custom-made to fit your taste and preference, hence giving you that perfect and dapper look.

You get to pick from a broad variety of designs and styles.

Today, suits come in different varieties of color and designs. When buying, you can dictate a few things that a rented suit would not offer you. Also, you will be able to get an outfit that matches your personality and makes you feel confident.

With the changing times, rented suits are being adjusted to fit a client’s preference. Similarly, many online companies are offering different varieties of modern and stylish designs online. However, most people just rent a suit online and wait for its delivery without having them altered to look the way you want. It is advisable that you go out of your way to communicate with the seller on how you want your suit, give him your measurements and ideas on what to change to suit your preference.