Top 10 Popular Wrongful Death Suits in the USA

If you find yourself in a situation where you have lost a loved one due to someone else’s mistake, you deserve compensation. By speaking with a Utah wrongful death attorney, you can find out if you have a real case for wrongful death. With that in mind, we have compiled ten of the most popular wrongful death suits in the United States.

  1. Gillette Stadium

When a woman was killed in a drunk driving accident right outside Gillette Stadium, her family was able to reach a settlement with the Kraft Group that owns the stadium. The incident had taken place because of some tailgating outside a concert, where underage individuals had been drinking and driving.

  1. Campus Electrocution

A young woman was electrocuted at a water fountain at a college campus in South Georgia, and her family managed to reach a multi-million-dollar settlement with the state after evidence was shown of negligence on the part of the college at not keeping the foundation in the right condition.

  1. Jacksonville Shooting

Jordan Davis, a man who was shot outside of a gas station by another man, was only seventeen years old when he was killed. His family managed to reach an out of court settlement thanks to their attorney’s prowess.

  1. Dentist in Wichita

A dentist put a patient under so much anesthesia during a routine procedure that the woman’s heart stopped beating altogether, and she passed away. At first it seemed as though it was an accident, but serious negligence and malpractice was found when the case was investigated, and an undisclosed settlement was reached between the dentist and the woman’s parents.

  1. Gangster in Boston

A young woman was strangled by a gangster in Boston, and her family successfully won a whole $15 million dollars from the gangster in question and his closest accomplice.

  1. Toyota

When Toyota recalled around 10 million vehicles, many people were surprised at the company’s negligence in releasing these cars with serious defects. It was found that the cars would unexpectedly accelerate at random moments, which resulted in many accidents and a few deaths. The company eventually settled on a $1.2 billion compensation payout to those who were impacted.

  1. Cop in Atlanta

A police officer had to pay out a significant sum of money to the widow of a young man who was shot in the parking lot of a convenience store, even though he did nothing suspicious or aggressive towards the police officer.

  1. California Bhandal Bros

The Bhandal Bros trucking company in California had to pay $150 million to a 13-year-old girl whose entire family passed away because of a massive SUV crash with a truck being driven by one of the company’s drivers. It is the largest verdict related to a trucking accident ever.

  1. OJ Simpson

Even though OJ Simpson was declared not guilty during his criminal trial, he was found liable in a civil suit and was ordered to pay around $25 million to the families of the two people who were found dead as a result of his supposed actions – Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

  1. United Airlines

Perhaps the most famous case ever, where the families of 85 people who had passed away on board a United Airlines flight on 9/11 filed a case against the airline. A total of $500 million was paid out to these families in various legal settlements.