Why is It So Hard to Find a Good Lawyer?

When you have any problems with the law (you’re sued or you have to sue someone), you usually need to find a lawyer who would assist you with this. Finding a good attorney might be a little bit troublesome, as not all law experts can really help their clients . However, it’s not something impossible.

Today, we’re going to speak about the main factors that make finding a good lawyer so troublesome, and will give you several useful tips on how to find a good one.

1.     Some Good Lawyers Can’t Advertise Their Services.

Finding a good lawyer isn’t something like doing shopping or booking services: you can’t open your phonebook and find a list of the best lawyers who work nearby and are ready to consult you anytime you need this. It’s a more intricate process, and, sometimes, you do need time to find a trustworthy attorney. Here is a short list of sources you may apply to while looking for a legal help:

  •         Personal referrals (you may always ask your close friend or relative about their experience of dealing with attorneys, and then address the same lawyers if they are really good ones);
  •         Online services (you can find a lawyer with the help of the Internet: there are quite a lot of online services which can help you find an appropriate lawyer in your place of residence (you leave the information about your case and the right type of the attorney contacts you);
  •         Business referrals (if you own a small business and you need some legal assistance, you may always ask your business partners like bankers, real estate brokers or insurance agents to solicit you a good attorney to deal with).

2.     Not All Lawyers Are Experts in a Particular Law Field

Although, there are quite a lot of law school graduates who can become good attorneys in the future, in fact, not all of them may help you with your law case. This is because you need to find an attorney who has an expertise in a particular field: if you own a small business, you need to find a specialist who really knows how to help you with your business, instead of contacting a ‘general practitioner’ who has only some basic knowledge in the required legal area.

3.     Not All Lawyers Have Excellent Personal or Communicative Skills

When you are choosing a lawyer to deal with, pay attention to his personal qualities and skills. Though an attorney may seem to be a good specialist, you need to feel comfortable with him and trust him entirely. If you can’t do this after one or several appointments, it’s better to quit such an attorney as soon as possible.

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