Massachusetts Traffic Laws and Surchargeable Points

Massachusetts traffic laws aim to prevent traffic accidents and help determine who is liable in the event of a motor vehicle accident. Massachusetts Laws for Sharing the road Massachusetts traffic laws dictate that upon approaching an intersection, drivers have a responsibility to yield to oncoming traffic. If a...
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Adultery Criminal Laws and Their Effects

Adultery is also known as philandery or infidelity is basically a form of extramarital sex. Originally it referred to sex between a married woman and another person other than her spouse. Illegal in some countries, its difference from rape is that while rape involves use of force; adultery...
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Proof Law and Love Can Mix

What happens when a lawyer lets his humanity get in the way of his better judgment, and he ends up falling for the client he is representing in a domestic dispute? That is the question that debut author Brian Cohen writes about in his excellent novel, The life...
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Reducing Labour Costs in Cafes and Restaurants

Undercover boss; a television show airing at the moment is becoming the talking point in my cafes in the mornings. “Did you watch it last night? The executive had no idea what the staff were doing on the floor” It’s not too dissimilar in many small businesses. I’ve...
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Patent Law Misconceptions

Symbol of law and justice in the empty courtroom law and justice concept.
Popular Patent Law Misconceptions 1. Ideas are Patentable The deepest rooted misconception about patents pertains to the patentability of ideas. Strictly speaking, however, ideas are not patentable. Intellectual property lawyers often employ the word “idea” as a shorthand substitute for “invention” or for the physical embodiment of an...
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